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Tales from the Wimbledon groundstaff – September

We caught up with Head Groundsman designate Neil Stubley to learn about what’s been going on around the Grounds at the AELTC this September…  September is about renovation, and the closing of the grass courts. The Members will have their end of season grass court tournament which they had last Saturday, so now officially the […]

Tales from the Wimbledon groundstaff – August

Interspersed with several grass court tournaments and a lot of play for members, August sees the continued renovation of the grass courts at the All England Club. Head Groundsman designate Neil Stubley updates us on what’s been going on around the grounds… Grass court seminar “We had about 22 people here over two days to […]

Just another day in stats at SW19…

Our Australian visitors, David Steed and Rowena Rosales, who worked on the IBM statistics team for Wimbledon 2011, give us their take on a typical day working at The Championships…   8:00am Wake up. What, no Vegemite for breakfast!? A cup of tea will suffice (English Breakfast of course!). 10:00am Stroll through Wimbledon Park on […]

Tales from the Wimbledon groundstaff – July

Head Groundsman designate Neil Stubley updates us on what’s been going on around the Grounds in July… “The Championships was very good from our point of view. Exactly what we wanted. A bit of rain, a bit of sun, and it finished on time. We got some good feedback on the courts, and about the […]

Tales from the Wimbledon groundstaff – May

The activity around the Grounds during the month of May at the All England Club ramps up several notches, as the furniture is assembled around the courts, and the numbers of people on site go up and up and up. With just a month to go until The Championships, May is about cramming in as […]

Notes from some statistically-minded visitors

Ever spotted someone sitting on a computer at the end of a Wimbledon court? They are the famous IBM-ers, a group of tennis-mad youngsters who gather together for each Grand Slam to chart the statistics of each match. Those serve percentages you see on the TV? Those numbers reeled off by commentators? They all come […]

The faces behind Wimbledon’s flowers

Wimbledon is now less than two months away, and behind the scenes Emma Smyth and her merry band of gardeners have been furiously weeding, watering, digging and planting. As general manager of Natural Green, the creative design and landscaping firm which has a year round contract with Wimbledon, it is Smyth’s job to ensure the grounds are as […]

Tales from the Wimbledon groundstaff – April

Wimbledon comes round every year, and every year, as if by magic, players and public are treated to the sight of 19 immaculate grass courts, trimmed and toned to perfection. They are the best grass courts in the world. But, how do they get that way? You may think that a whole load of new […]

Five cool things we found in the Wimbledon library

1. When Wimbledon was bombed. This was in the official announcements section of the 1946 programme for The Championships: “On the night of Friday, 11th October, 1940, a ‘stick’ of five 500-pound bombs straddled the club grounds. The first bomb demolished the club tool house. The second bomb of the ‘stick’ fell on the roof […]

Wimbledon on the web

Type ‘Wimbledon’ into Google and you get 19,500,000 hits, that’s a lot mentions. Now, I’m not saying I have read every page that mentions Wimbledon, but over the course of my job I have read a few. So here are some of my favourite Wimbledon articles on the web.

How the ‘Graveyard of champions’ got its name

The All England Club announced last Friday it would build a new court on the site of Court 2. “The new court, containing enhanced spectator amenities, will be built on the site of old Court 2 (capacity of 2,192 + 770 standing). The work will start in July 2009 and be completed by May 2011.” […]

A day at the museum

On my way to and from work each day I am often stopped by tourists and asked to take their photo outside the Wimbledon gates. It seems there is always someone making a pilgrimage to the Championships. This week things got better for tennis pilgrams because Centre Court is now back on the itinerary of […]

Five Wimbledon questions for you

Here are five questions about Wimbledon I want you to answer (just as I have done). You can do so in the comments on this post, on our Twitter feed or our Facebook page. It would be great to see how many replies we can get and what sort of answers.

My favourite photos at Wimbledon: part I

  Underneath Wimbledon is a complex system of tunnels and rooms where much of the work gets done that the visiting public doesn’t notice. Like duck’s legs paddling furiously under water while on the surface the bird appears serene. One of the rooms is the chill out area for the ball boys and ball girls.

Top-five most important innovations at Wimbledon

What do you think?

My most embarrassing Wimbledon moment

  Tradition dictates that the defending men’s singles champion plays the first game on Centre Court at the following year’s Championship. It’s meant to be a procession, a final chance for the champion to bathe in the acclaim before the title is up for grabs again.

Inside the ball boy training camp

Every year in its Wimbledon montage, the BBC has a slow motion shot of the ‘ball change’ where the ball boy/girl opens a new can of tennis balls, upturns it, then pours the three balls onto the court and rolls them to another member of the team. It’s a simple yet beautiful movement, part of […]

The other fifty weeks

What happens at Wimbledon when there’s no tennis? It’s a question I’m often asked. Wimbledon only lasts for two weeks during the summer but we’re here all year round. The day after the men’s final we’re back working towards the next year’s tournament. This is a blog that will give you an insight into the […]