Best of 2009: Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick won a lot of new fans with his effort in the men’s final against Roger Federer and also how he handled defeat. But Roddick also won plenty of fans in the world media and beyond with his entertaining press conferences, here is a selection of his best answers.

“I don’t care who you guys are writing about. You know, predicting two weeks from now, that’s not how we go about our tournaments. I know it’s great and your job is to sensationalize stuff and get it out there. You know, you got to make people read about the sport. As players, we appreciate that, but that’s not our job. Our job is to try to get through each round. As far as who’s talking about what, I don’t really care. You know, I just want to go out and win matches.” Roddick is asked to make a prediction about the 2009 winner following his first round match.

“I think the best I’ve played here was probably ’04 in that tournament. In ’05 I was pretty fortunate to get to the final. I could go through why, but just take my word for it. Lucky to get through second round. Lucky to get through quarters. Had a lucky let cord in the semis. I was fortunate to get through. You know, ’04 is probably the best I’ve played here. But as far as comparing to ’05, it’s probably similar.”

“What do you want me to say? I said I wasn’t proud, but I’m not going to lie to anybody. I busted my wife on some of her crappy music. She brought up Rick Astley. I can’t deny it. It’s in my iPod. I bet it’s in your iPod, too, so shut up.”

“Here is what I think about it: If it’s raining, they have a pretty good little weather system forecast thingy down in the magic little office down there. They’re always pretty good about giving updates. I say if it is even sprinkling at the time and it looks ominous, let’s say there’s a 20 or 30% chance, if you have a roof, I think you use it. You know, otherwise you’re waiting around and what’s the roof for?

“It’s tough for me to separate the girls I’ve known since I was nine. I just get real proud when I see ’em. I knew ’em when they were 10, 11 years old. To see the way they worked back then, you know, kind of seeing them reap the benefits now. You know, I don’t know how many times people have closed the door on ’em, they’re still here and still kind of making Wimbledon theirs in a way. So it’s pretty cool to see.” On the Williams sisters after beating Lleyton Hewitt in the quarter-finals.

“I’ve never been one to begrudge anyone of their success or be jealous of someone else’s success. You know, I have a lot of respect for what they’ve been able to do. You know, more often than not they haven’t had to go through me to win any of those. A lot of times they haven’t had a direct effect on how I’ve been playing at the moment.” On the Grand Slam dominance of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal after his semi-final win.

“I think here maybe more so than anyplace outside of the States I’ve developed a little bit of rapport with the fans. Maybe you guys helping me by asking me a bunch of goofy questions and me giving a bunch of goofy answers.” After his semi-final, Roddick talks about his rapport with the Wimbledon crowd.

“There’s no way, I mean, it doesn’t cross your mind. We’re human. We’re not Cyborgs. You know, at that point, like everything else, there’s two options: you lay down or you keep going. The second option sounded better to me.” Is asked if he struggled to stay positive after losing the second-set tie-break in the men’s final against Roger Federer.

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