My favourite photos at Wimbledon: part I

Deep heat is not recommended


Underneath Wimbledon is a complex system of tunnels and rooms where much of the work gets done that the visiting public doesn’t notice. Like duck’s legs paddling furiously under water while on the surface the bird appears serene. One of the rooms is the chill out area for the ball boys and ball girls.

On the walls in this room are a series of notices, and above is my favourite. As any male who has ever gone to the toilet straight after applying Deep Heat will tell you — it is rarely recommended.

I like to think of the poor ball boy who thought Deep Heat was a good idea. The boy who applied it liberally to his sensitive areas in the belief it would improve his performance and who found himself crouched down at the net for five hours, fighting back the tears, as his thighs burned like Chef’s special vindaloo.

What can Wimbledon teach us about life? That Deep Heat is not recommended.

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